Norske Vinnere Bonus

Based off of traditional poker rules, video poker is an excellent way to both learn how to play poker in a low-pressure and private setting while also providing many opportunities to quickly rake in big money which makes it a popular game even among veteran poker players. The goal of video poker is to form a winning poker hand with the cards you are dealt. You will first be dealt five cards and then you’ll be asked whether you want to hold or re-deal any of those 5 cards. After the re-deal, you then have to form one of the winning combinations that are based on the traditional poker rules which we’ll go over in detail below. The casino will pay out based on what kind of winning combination you have. In general, this is a great game for casino players that are avid poker fans, or players that are looking to expand out from traditional tables game such as roulette and black jack. Video poker typically offers incredibly good odds (house edge is about 3%) , and can be extremely fun since there is an element of skill involved where you can choose which cards to hold and which cards to re-deal which can impact whether you win that round.

When you get your first 5 cards, the casino software will often already tag certain cards that form a combination by showing a sign that says “”HELD”” over the card. This is usually pretty good advice from the software, but since you are able to choose which cards to actually hold and which cards to re-deal, you can actually “”un-hold”” the automatically “”held”” cards by clicking on them. You can tell which cards will be held because it will clearly says “”HELD”” on it. The cards that don’t have that sign will be replaced with a new card once you click “”DRAW.”” If you’re learning to play for the first time, I would recommend keeping the cards that come up automatically “”HELD”” and simply replacing the other cards. If you dont have any cards that say “”HELD,”” this means the software wasn’t able to find any immediate potential combinations. In these situations, I typically like to hold my high value face cards (J-Q-K-A) and then replace the rest in the hope of hitting an easy high-value pair. If I don’t have any high value face cards, then I usually just replace all 5 cards. For this hand, I got a pair of Js (J-J) so the software had already tagged it as “”HELD”” right from the get-go without me having to do anything. The pair of Jacks already gets me the winning combination of “”JACKS OR BETTER”” which pays out 1x so I’m at least getting my money back. I’m going to keep the pair of Jacks and re-deal A-8-9 with the hope of getting more Jacks to get a THREE OF A KIND, or even a FOUR OF A KIND, or even a different pair which would get me TWO PAIRS.

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